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Craft auction: August 11-18th

Still Accepting Crafters for Auction!

Stayed tuned for info on the SuperWhoLock Hunt!

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Essentially, we are the voice of every Sherlock and every Watson. We speak for all facets of the fandom, from ACD to Granada, from film to BBC to Elementary. We have an all-encompassing Holmesian love, and we want to bring that love to Dash-Con!

Sherlock goes off on a case to Cardiff and John is looking forward to a quiet evening in. Alone - teamed up with a cuppa and a crime novel. But of course, it’s not that simple and something happens that will eventually turn both their lives topsy-turvy. (x)

Meet JuneJuly15 with her Fic “Simple Truths”. She’s one of the authors donating to our FanFic Auction this coming June. Find more of her or her works on TumblrFFnet or AO3.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we’ll be introducing you to a few more writers just like JuneJuly. Make sure to check them out them all, and get a bigger taste their works out here.

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