Sherlock Committee
Of Dash-con USA

Craft auction: August 11-18th

Still Accepting Crafters for Auction!

Stayed tuned for info on the SuperWhoLock Hunt!

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Essentially, we are the voice of every Sherlock and every Watson. We speak for all facets of the fandom, from ACD to Granada, from film to BBC to Elementary. We have an all-encompassing Holmesian love, and we want to bring that love to Dash-Con!

Our auction has ended on a high note

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our art auction this week! We brought in a total of $3,010 and are so grateful for our artists and the hard work they have put into this auction to make it not only happen, but to be successful. Now make sure to watch the other auctions to get some more art from more great artists!

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