Sherlock Committee
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Craft auction: August 11-18th

Still Accepting Crafters for Auction!

Stayed tuned for info on the SuperWhoLock Hunt!

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Essentially, we are the voice of every Sherlock and every Watson. We speak for all facets of the fandom, from ACD to Granada, from film to BBC to Elementary. We have an all-encompassing Holmesian love, and we want to bring that love to Dash-Con!


Sarah and Brooklynn are going to be making some art to help raise money for the Tumbl-Con Sherlock committee! We want to get have lots of great things at this convention, such as (hopefully) bringing in Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch. But this can never happen if we don’t get some money.

We will iron out the details on this later, but right now we need some ideas. So if you have something you would like to see, give it to Brooklynn or Sarah. We will do our best to make your ideas a great piece of artwork to sell for the benefit of the Sherlock fandom. Then we will show them to your, sell them, and give the money to the committee to use.

Please give us ideas, guys, we need help with this! Reblog and spread the word. Please?

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