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Essentially, we are the voice of every Sherlock and every Watson. We speak for all facets of the fandom, from ACD to Granada, from film to BBC to Elementary. We have an all-encompassing Holmesian love, and we want to bring that love to Dash-Con!


DashCon would like to reach out to all of those affected by the recent attack on the Tumblr tags we all consider home. Regardless of circumstances, invading the safe spaces of others is cruel and unacceptable. For those who were upset, sickened, triggered, or otherwise injured by the attacks, you have our support. We’ve survived worse than this, and we’ll survive this as well. Just remember, we are Tumblr proud. We are Tumblr strong. Because we are Tumblrites, and we stick together.

With Love,

The Entire DashCon Staff

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Last Minute Volunteers?


Greetings, attendees!

We’ve recently had a few volunteers drop out last minute due to work and/or family issues, and we need to replace them ASAP. If any of you are still interested in hours, please contact us immediately at That’s also the best place to get your questions answered.

Your help is always appreciated!

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Last Chance to book a room at the Renaissance!


Three days until our hotel room cut-off date! If you need a room for DashCon, please consider booking at our main hotel here! They’ve lowered their check in age to 18, so it’s the best option in the area for younger attendees, plus you’ll be right on site and part of the excitement! 

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DashCon 2014 is proud to announce that the Baker Street Babes will be with us, courtesy of the Sherlock Committee, for our inaugural event this July! On Friday, July 11, Amy, Liz, and Lyndsay will be featured on a 2-hour live podcast/panel in our main programming room! The panel’s theme is: 

Fighting Nazis in a Fedora: the Proud History of Sherlockian AUs from Rathbone to Tunalock 

We plan to start off with fun and games, but the podcast itself will focus on Sherlockian AUs and the fact that they’ve existed pretty much forever. We will discuss how classic film AUs like the Basil Rathbone films are both similar to and different from modern AUs like Sherlock itself and all the ever-evolving ones we dream up on Tumblr. Our panel will be a celebration of the Holmesian AU and how it’s developed over the years.

About the Babes:

The Baker Street Babes are an all-female group of Sherlock Holmes fans who talk about everything from canon to Cumberbatch, Charles Augustus Milverton to Jude Law, and dancing men to Jeremy Brett. We love Sherlock Holmes and we love having well informed, but also quite fun discussions about it. We’re all young and we’re all females, but we’re all die hard Sherlockians/Holmesian. It’s a demographic within the Sherlock Holmes fandom that is new and growing and doesn’t yet have a voice. We hope to become that voice and we want to prove that we’re not just going to coo over Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch, as lovely as they are, but that we know the canon and want to have discussions about it as well.

We’re a growing voice, and we hope to become a larger one as the months roll on, especially if we continue to grow at the amazing and flattering rate that we have. We hope to help provide a bridge between the older and often intimidating world of Sherlockiana and the newer tech savvy generation of fans that are just discovering the Holmes stories.

To find out more about the Babes individually, you can check out their guest entry on our website! We’re very excited to have them and can’t wait to hear the show!

*We weren’t playing favourites with the photo set arrangement. This was simply the only arrangement that didn’t cut anyone’s faces out of the photo previews. Sorry about that!

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DashCon is now offering reserved seating for the Welcome to Night Vale Live Reading and Q and A! We are selling reserved spots for 300 of our 800 seats. 

You do not need to buy a seat if you have won the Lottery! Additionally, if you win the lottery, we will refund you your seat! 

Night Vale Q and A Seat- $10 

Night Vale Live Reading Seat- $10 

Night Vale Q and A AND Live Reading Seat- $15

Seating is very limited, so make sure to get your seat here

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All Sherlock fans: you HAVE to read this!!!



// Sherlockians please read this, it is important. //

So when tumblr people get together, we discuss fandoms. It just so happened that the fandom on the board tonight was Sherlock. So naturally, as fans do, we started on discussing alternate universes. So- one that we came up with that doesn’t exist yet but should is McLock. Now, to tell you about McLock and why you should be lovin’ it.
I know I’m lovin’ it.

Sherlock is Ronald McDonald, the super slooth, clown, detective, and John is the Burger King. It’s kind of a Romeo Juliet tale with the division of sides and all. Mycroft is Mayer McCheese, Molly is birdie, Lyestrade is Grimace. Jim has to be the Hamburgerler- because honey, you should see him in a mask. Irene is Jack from Jack in the box who pops out from hiding occasionally to scream, “Got ya bitch!” Finally Mrs. Hudson is the Dairy Queen.

This needs to be a thing. We are making it a thing. This includes art and fanfiction for this. Sherlock fandom, we are going to share this with you, this needs to be shared with the world.

I believe in McLock.


#mclock lives

don’t judge me


You can buy tickets to DashCon, the biggest convention for Tumblr Users in the world, here

DashCon 2014, July 11-13th 2014 

Schaumburg, Illinois 

For tumblr users, by tumblr users.  

learn more | our blog | schedule | guests

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Hotel Room Allotment!


Everyone say a big thank you to the Renaissance Schaumburg! We’ve gotten 20 more rooms for Thursday night, and we will be working on Sunday night’s rooms next. However, we’ve already sold some of the rooms since we got them, leaving us with 19 rooms on Thursday night, and 5 rooms on Sunday. Please make sure to book in advance if you need rooms on Thursday or Sunday night! 

We have nearly 45% of our room block filled, so please make sure to book a room as soon as you are able! We want to make sure you get the best of everything at DashCon, and the Renaissance Schaumburg is part of that experience! 

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This Halloween, DashCon-goers, will be DashCon’s first big lottery drawing. On October 31, 2014, and the last day of each month thereafter (through June 2014), DashCon’s Secret Police will choose 10 lucky badge-holders to attend the Welcome to Night Vale Meet & Greet/Autograph Session at DashCon 2014. Under close watch of the hooded figures, 10 attendees will be chosen each month via random number generator and announced during a LiveStream on our YouTube channel. DashCon Community Admins have put together a few helpful tips for winning.

  • You must be registered for DashCon to enter the DashCon Lottery (as proven by your Invoice ID)
  • Names will be chosen ONLY from a list of those registered to play
  • Only one entry will be allowed per attendee (and we will be checking)
  • The sooner you enter, the higher your chances of winning


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NOTICE: Team confirmation emails have been sent!


If you registered a team or have been placed on a team through the SWLH Singles, you should have just received an email confirming your status as registered. If you believe you are registered but have not yet received an email, please contact us immediately at 

If you signed up as a single and have yet to be placed on a team, this doesn’t apply. You will be notified after you’ve been placed. Sorry for any delays!

Team Slots Update (9/30/2013):

Team 221B: 28 teams slots available

Team Free Will: 26 team slots available

Team TARDIS: 31 team slots available

Team CIA (non-fandom team): 15 team slots available

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